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Would you like to earn rental income from an Ocean Beach  home you do not occupy regularly? BLT  property management team can assist you in making your home a profitable  leases. Making your home into a vacation rental is a great way to maximize your investment while letting short/long term renters enjoy the beauty of your home and location.

Our Ocean Beach property management team can help you capitalize on the opportunity to rent out your home without the stress of marketing, guest relations, financials, maintenance, etc.

Property Managers of Richmond

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With the help of our team of professional Richmond  property management specialists, BLT Rentals  will work hard to make your home a pleasing and welcoming short/long term rental for guests while providing a new source of income for you.

With decades of experience under our belts, our BLT  property management team are experts at handling the entire process of converting and maintaining your  rental. As we can handle the entire process from start to finish and beyond, you can choose to be involved during the process as little or as much as you would like.

As you search for an BLT property management company, consider these aspects. You want to make sure that your home is handled by only the best in Ocean Beach see why BLT  Rentals is the ideal property management company for you.

  • Property Inspections - With over 45 years of experience in the industry, we know what works best in creating and maintaining a  rental. We offer free consultations to evaluate your home, identify necessary repairs, and suggest purchases for you to make for your home rental ready. Such purchases often include a certain amount of linens, towels, sleeping arrangements, basic cookware, utensils, etc. We can also source these for you upon request.

  • Advertising - We use a professional photographer to capture your home at its best. We then post these photos along with a custom description to multiple marketing channels.

  • Tenant Screening - Every guest that stays in your home will be fully screened prior to reservation approval to ensure they are respectful to your property. For extra assurance, you may request to have the final say in all tenant decisions.

  • Guest Services - From guest concierge to 24/7 guest assistance, all guests will have access to multiple services to help them feel right at home while they stay in your Ocean Beach property. When your guest is happy, they are more likely to pick your home when they visit again.

  • Property Monitoring - We double check the property before and after any guest checks in or out. We make sure that the home is rental ready for your next guest while verifying that no items have been misplaced or damaged.

  • Property Maintenance - In Richmond, we are well versed in the most common issues associated with the coastal region. Environmental risks don’t stand a chance under our care and we are quick to make any amends for issues that arise.

  • Accounting Services - You will receive monthly checks and owner statements that itemize transactions throughout the year. During tax season, we’ll provide you with the 1099 form and can provide tax and financial assistance with our on-staff bookkeeper.

  • Flexibility and Transparency - Whenever you desire to visit your home, let us know and we’ll happily block it off from our live availability calendar. We will make sure your home is clean and ready for you and your family’s arrival. . All owners are given an “owner login” to our reservation software so you can view the live calendar and any activity regarding your property any time.

  • Additional Accommodations - No matter what your needs are, let us know about them. We will do what we can to help accommodate any special requests that you have. All of our expert vacation rental teams are within very close proximity to properties in Ocean Beach. Your home will be in good hands with BLT Realty.

Have you been waiting to generate new income with minimal work? Consider making your home into a short and long term rental with the help of professional Ocean Beach property management team at BLT  Realty. Give us a call or send us a message today! You can schedule a free, no obligation consultation with the general manager and marketing director.

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